Our Picnics

It's an unforgettable moment when you round a corner to have a superb picnic lunch at a remote and beautiful location.

The contrast between your wild surroundings, the delicious food and attractive table setting recalls safaris of old. The days when no one would consider not dressing up for lunch in even in the remotest settings – except you don't have to dress up!

A touch of elegance.

Whether its a bush morning tea with a stunning view, a relaxed picnic in a secluded spot or a private celebratory lunch looking out at a mountain, there's just something special about eating al fresco.

Going the extra mile and offering guests the special experience of "dining" in varied outdoor venues is one of the hallmarks of what Wildsouth Discovery prides itself on... definitely something to consider before you book your next trip.

enjoy a picnic with the locals!

Good food, good wine, good company, that's our speciality.
Life's a picnic!