Your local guides and hosts, Brian Lucas and Paula Sinclair offer completely customized New Zealand South Island tours for those looking for an authentic, unique guided experience, yet still wanting to see the highlights and beauty of the South Island.

With over 25 years of experience, Brian and Paula specialise in creating South Island tours that are extraordinary and tailor-made to the needs of the discerning traveller. Excelling in hand-crafted, privately guided tours, guests come with us for authentic interactions and exclusive adventures that are carefully designed to fulfil their South Island dreams.

Using our own fully customised tour vehicles, we are your own private guides and exclusivity, flexibility and your safety are of the utmost importance to us.

Being locals, we will show you the special places, our favourite photo spots and the splendid isolation and serenity New Zealand’s South Island has to offer. Whether you travel as a couple, with family, with lifelong friends who share your inquisitiveness about the world, or whether you travel to mark a milestone in your life, you can expect to return from your journey spellbound at the beauty that New Zealand will bestow upon you.

Our attention to detail, expertise in the provision of top service combined with our knowledge of the culture, wildlife and history ensure that our guests get to see and experience the South Island differently. This means that they take with them life-long memories and stories to share with family and friends.

Brian and Paula are your local New Zealand tour guides

How we Travel

Customised luxury 4WD tour vehicles.

We take pride in our deluxe customised tour vehicles which are used on our custom made South Island tours. All vehicles feature a high level of comfort, space and features and are fully compliant with New Zealand’s transport regulations as administered by New Zealand Transport Agency. They are fully insured and are covered by our corporate AA (Automobile Association) membership.

On board, we carry a full set of laminated South island regional maps, binoculars, a selection of NZ reference books, bottled water, tissues, mints and nibbles. The vehicles also carry first aid kits and fire extinguishers. The vehicles feature individual high backed seats with seat belts, double air-conditioning systems and PA/CD/DVD/radio systems.

They are also equipped with refrigerators and picnic equipment, and for that something extra special, we serve delicious picnic morning and afternoon teas with New Zealand cookies, coffee and a selection of teas. For those who desire a taste of NZ wine, we also serve NZ wine with NZ cheese, crackers and Paula’s homemade quince paste and jelly. We also serve full-service picnic lunches on some days on our longer tours.

Wild 1 2 Seater Tour Vehicle offroad

Vehicle safety and maintenance…

Safety is paramount in our industry and one of the biggest safety components in the tours we provide are our vehicles. All of our vehicles are inspected constantly. Firstly in the morning before the tour begins the vehicle’s fluid levels, tyre pressures and the general operation of the vehicle are checked, and then during the day, the vehicle is again checked.

Vehicles are regularly serviced to meticulous standards by an independent certified mechanic and we operate a “preventive maintenance” program, replacing any worn part with manufacturer’s original parts.

The vehicles are also rigorously inspected every six months under the New Zealand Transport Agency legislation to ensure that they meet required safety standards.

Our vehicles are fitted with quality, reputable tyre brands. We believe that our guests’ safety is of the utmost importance and as tyres are their “contact” with the road, we believe in quality tyres and not cheap, inferior “budget” tyres.

Our maintenance program also includes a methodical cleaning regime, both interior and exterior.

Luggage is carried separately in luggage trailers, we do not carry luggage in the cabin.

Our Tour Vehicles

Our vehicles are affectionately known as “Wild 1”, “Wild 2” & “Wild 3”.

Wild 1

This vehicle is a large 4WD and accommodates two guests. As well as the features listed above, it also has roof windows for extra viewing capability. Wild 1 is fully customised with high-lift suspension, which gives a higher view. Seats are fitted with New Zealand lambs wool seat covers for extra comfort. It is a unique vehicle and is the only one of its kind in New Zealand.

Wild 2

Wild 2 is a larger 4WD mini-coach and was a 10 seater when we first purchased it. We have since retrofitted in the rear six large “armchair” style seats. This vehicle can accommodate up to six guests and is very spacious, and is ideal for two or three couples wishing to travel together.

Wild 3

Our largest vehicle – a mini-coach that has seating for up to ten guests that has been fully customised for maximum comfort. As another “safari” vehicle, it has been fully fitted with a refrigerator and all the necessary picnic equipment for your enjoyment while on tour with us.

The rear of our vehicles are fitted with a cabinet which comprises of a slide-out serving tray, refrigerator, drawers that hold mugs, wine glasses, drinking glasses, plates and cutlery. Containers for cookies and other equipment are stored in the compartments.

Our Travellers

Our travellers are typically retired or semi-retired, active, well-educated and usually well-travelled people generally aged 40 and over who desire to have a truly New Zealand experience.

The common characteristic though is that they all seek involvement in experiences that combine natural world viewing, soft adventure, New Zealand cuisine and top-notch comfort.

The guests that we guide and host travel as singles, couples, families, small groups travelling together or special interest groups.

Some take our suggested tour options while others prefer custom made tours designed to meet specific desires.

Custom tour group at the Moeraki Boulders

Come as a tourist - Experience like a local - Depart as a friend