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Wildsouth media article Inside Tourism 2018 Wildsouth media article Travel Weekly Wildsouth media article Inside Tourism Wildsouth media article Inside Tourism
Inside Tourism - June 28, 2018 Travel Weekly - January 16, 2017 Inside Tourism - August 11, 2016 The Christchurch Press - May 30, 2016
Wildsouth media article Inside Tourism   Wildsouth media article Inside Tourism  
New Zealand Inbound Tourism Operator Award - 2009  Brian Lucas receives prestigious award - 2009 New Zealand Outside magazine - 2006 issue  


"This was the best tour I've ever been on..."

"A few others and I took the tour with Brian and Paula from Christchurch to Mount Sunday - better known as "Edoras" in the Lord "of" the Rings film trilogy - on a glorious summer's day. It was about three hours' drive each way, but it was an exceptionally pleasant experience. Brian and Paula's van is spacious and comfortable inside, with particularly excellent seats. Stops for tea and, later on, lunch helped a lot - the latter taking place on the shore of a spectacular lake, with lovely views out to the mountains. Mount Sunday itself is beautifully situated - you'll find a lot to like here, even if, like me, you haven't read Lord of the "Rings". It's an easy walk to the top, giving commanding views out across the surrounding plains leading up to the mighty peaks of the Southern Alps. A stunning location!! Brian and Paula made for excellent hosts - super personal, friendly, and very knowledgable. They provided exactly what you want from such tours: easy, informal chat, an obvious love of the area, and a wealth of knowledge. It's personal touches like these that put this kind of tour a cut above larger, more commercial operations. Put simply, this was the best tour I've ever been on, and next time I'm in New Zealand I'll be looking to Brian and Paula again. Cheers!"
- Tobias B, Scotland

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